Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC is a true national law firm with offices in fifty states. We are dedicated to helping consumers resolve their debt problems. We provide debt resolution services nationwide and work in professional alliance with many of the nation’s top reputable debt negotiation companies to assist clients as advocates for their rights.

For many years, large corporate law firms have helped their business clients with their debt issues by providing “financial workouts” with their creditors to allow them to stay in business and work through difficult financial time. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC has created a cutting edge debt negotiation program to provide consumers with these same types of services and allow you and your family to focus on the important issues in your life. Like a security blanket, we provide all the legal and law-related services you need to resolve your debt.

When potential clients contact us, our attorneys review the consumer’s current financial situation and tailor a debt resolution plan that is unique to their situation. We immediately contact your creditors and inform them to contact us, as your law firm, regarding all issues of your debt. Additionally, we have attorneys on staff to protect you from any harassing debt collectors.

Some companies “promise” results and advertise exceptional settlements as commonplace. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is different; we make no promises and will not guarantee you we can negotiate your debts to a certain percentage. We are experienced attorneys and trained legal advocates and adhere to the following minimum performance standard: If we do not reduce your debt by at least 35% of what you owe, we will refund your fees for settling that particular debt and still resolve the debt on your behalf.


A debt advisor will review this information and make contact with you to discuss your options. It only takes a moment and could be the first step to getting you back on track.

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