Like a security blanket, we will take control of your debt resolution issues. We will contact your unsecured creditors to advise them that they should only communicate with our firm as your attorneys. In the event that any creditor or collection agency violates Federal laws in regard to their debt collection practices, we are prepared to fully represent you to protect your rights under the relevant collection laws.


We will analyze which debt resolution alternative makes the most sense for you and fully explain these options to you. In many situations, we will propose the option of debt negotiation or a financial workout plan that you can afford. We will review your individual circumstances and should we feel that you have made the wrong decision, our attorneys will get in touch with you to discuss other options.


If your circumstances change or a particular debt resolution plan does not meet your needs, we are prepared to discuss additional alternatives, including the discharge of your debt via Bankruptcy. You will never be without a viable alternative.


A debt advisor will review this information and make contact with you to discuss your options. It only takes a moment and could be the first step to getting you back on track.

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