Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC is owned and operated by debt resolution attorneys in every state. It was originally started by four attorneys who were dissatisfied by the current legal debt resolution offerings. They believed that many existing debt settlement companies failed to do what was best for the client.

They recognized that bankruptcy is a viable option for many people, however similarly recognized that it is not the best answer every time. Most attorneys that practice in the debt relief sphere have only one option for every client.

We use our diverse legal background to look at every client file with unique eyes. Instead of pushing a client into one direction, we discuss all available debt resolutions options and tailor a plan for the client. With offices in all fifty states, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution has the tools, knowledge and experience to get you out of debt.


A debt advisor will review this information and make contact with you to discuss your options. It only takes a moment and could be the first step to getting you back on track.

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